Finding Cheap Flights To Phoenix, Arizona For The 2009 Nba All-Star Game

Finding Cheap Flights To Phoenix, Arizona For The 2009 Nba All-Star Game

Take your light weight gear and sunglasses, the snow report is excellent and the weather is sunny. Make sure that learn about local transportation in the foreign country. 運航

Also referred as the ‘City of Smiles’, Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand is famous for its riveting beaches and nightlife. Millions of visitors from around the globe throng the capital each year to explore this beautiful destination. Other than providing picturesque sights and fascinating history, Bangkok is also a famous destination for shopping. There are many tourists who visit Bangkok just for shopping. If you are looking to have a great shopping experience book your air tickets to Bangkok today and revive your wardrobe and living place with beautiful items.

You may also try to find flight that lands in Barcelona, from Barcelona there are ferry boats available to Menorca. The flight will only cost around 837.00 GBP or 1,212.21 USD. And the flight will only be around 16 hours. This flight is usually just a one stop flight.

I was living from miracle cheap flight to miracle until I received a call from my old college pal informing me that the local Chamber of Commerce was in need of a receptionist. I did not even know what a Chamber of Commerce actually did but I was feeling miraculously better, well enough to have applied for work at a local dairy reading the ear tags on cows just the day before. Funny, I can’t recall a job interview where a prospective employer asked if I’d mind occasionally getting “splattered with manure.” (I replied that it sounded like my last job. He didn’t laugh.) Any way, I went right to The Chamber and I’ll be there 5 years this July 7th. It’s a great job and the Lord has allowed me numerous opportunities to tap into the spiritual roots of the community from my position.

“Sir Thomas, what is happening here?” she asked, for she recognized him at least. They were the first words she had spoken since being plucked from the block.

Having a memorable trip means a lot of work and prepare. First thing to set up is your budget. You are more easily to find suitable place to go and decide what to spend when you know how much your budget is.

People can easily verify the authenticity of the airlines preferred and the opportunities available to them be it the packages or the different rates and the services available. People can recheck them by having a look at the respective websites. It is a matter of just a few seconds that the traveller gets ready to depart. Tickets are issued to the person the moment he applies for them. However, money can be saved if the traveller books the tickets in advance. One can choose from a wide range of offers available at one’s disposal.

Therefore, Hotels in India are luxurious and easy to find accommodation. Also is the Airline Tickets Cheap if you book them online. So go for it and grab the best and enjoy your trip to India.

Natural Ways In How To Stop A Panic Attack On Board A Plane

Natural Ways In How To Stop A Panic Attack On Board A Plane

High and increasing airline ticket prices for flights to South Africa appear to be here to stay. Consider bringing your own snacks on the plane for your trip. A lot of sites work the best for versatile fares. 石家莊機票

Well, well, well… What do we have here? Yes it is not news, but it is definitely new. A new offer on a discount flight and you get it “delivered” as a pop-up screen to your email page. It is right in your face. Try to not notice it. You will definitely fail. And why is that? Because the prices you see over there for a flight to a country you want to visit for a long time is almost ridiculous.

You should expect some inconvenience in exchange for the lower fare. In some cases, your flight will not be direct. You may need to change planes during your journey. If you are connecting in another country, you may need to collect your bags and check them in again for the second flight of your trip. This can be a hassle, but again you will save money. Ask about this policy with the individual airline.

As an alternative, make the best of your resources. If you own a credit card that lets you to accumulate points, find out if you are able to cash them in for a free or very cheap airfare. I think, whenever you go with your credit card, why not get anything more out of it? You can find plenty of people who will never spend a single dime on an airfare because they make use of their credit card points and miles. If you dislike the way of credit card debt, you can ever consider to pay off everything in full every time you’ll get your bill. You get to keep the miles or points and you don’t carry a balance each month.

There is no better place than online travel portals to check for cheap flight tickets to San Francisco. One can easily avail the loads of benefits that these websites have to offer.

If you’re the type of person that is “up” for a bet at the first glance of a gambling proposal then maybe the casino is for you. Find your nearest one, bring ID and have some good old fun gambling, but don’t get too carried away as you may end up with no money at all!

Phone calls have other uses in Israeli life, aside from the obvious function of communication. The cell phone seems to act as a sort of lightning rod that makes the person getting the call spring into action. They could have been sitting motionless in a chair resting comfortably for over an hour, but when the phone rings it’s suddenly an excuse to leap out of their chair or start pacing around the house. In extreme instances the phone gets passed to another person or a cheap flight second phone rings and phones are exchanged. Americans love their cell phones, too, but we’re more prone to walking down the street and yelling at the person on the other end or sending meaningless text messages rather than throwing a phone call into the middle of a face-to-face conversation.

He went down to his cabin and unrolled a chart of the Southampton harbor and another of the Channel beyond on the table. They would sail at the evening tide and if the wind held would stand out into midchannel at night. Estimating what speed Gray Falcon would make should she decide to run up the Channel, Ramirez determined that they would meet sometime after sunrise. He didn’t like the idea of the sun being in his eyes, but it couldn’t be helped. It would be a small matter, at any rate, in an undertaking blessed by God and Emperor.

Today, saving money on travel isn’t just important to any one individual but also to companies. Companies need to find ways to cut costs within their budgets and this is a great way in doing just that. As our world continues to try to rebuild itself from the economic crisis it has faced, airline companies are doing their part in helping the world today succeed in rebuilding a stronger economy. There are many ways people save when traveling and finding flights. How are you saving when finding low-cost airlines and cutting flight costs in today’s economy?

Road, Rail, Sea, Or Sky: Some Travel Tips And Tricks

Road, Rail, Sea, Or Sky: Some Travel Tips And Tricks

Within minutes, the Gray Falcon passed beyond, leaving the Spaniard crippled and dead in the water. Then you can get a cheap airfare from there to Cape Town. There is even a business class section available. 瀋陽機票

I love New York! You can be forgiven for thinking that the world begins and ends in the Big Apple as its proud citizens call the city. The citizens are really a proud lot and they have a lot of reason to be. Every year and all year round, the Big Apple plays host to a throng of eager tourists whose desire is just to immerse themselves in the beauty of the city and savor its attractions. Naturally, getting to New York from Europe is quite a packet in terms of the fare. This is something the tourists always have to contend with and even though they expect cheap holidays, it is not that expensive as it can actually be much lower.

At this moment in time, the price of a cheap flight depends on various factors like season and fuel price. The price of the ticket is also different for different airlines and time of departure and arrival plays an important role in determining the price of a ticket. Plan the time of departure as early as possible so that you can book your ticket early, and this helps to reduce your expenses. Taking an early flight is always an advantage because if any case the flight gets delayed, you can catch up on another flight quickly. More often than not flight gets delayed due to inclement weather conditions. So, try to book your tickets early and read all conditions before booking.

These cheap flights to Denver also provide traveling deals suiting your personal criteria and other tour information to you. So, you don’t need to worry while you are making your trip to Denver, because with cheap flights you will also get other touring benefits. You can reserve your hotel and also get a tourist guide for you.

Alternatively, make the best of their resources. If you have a credit card that allows you to accumulate points, see if they are able to cash a ticket for free or very cheap flight. I think that every time you go with your credit card, why not get anything from it? You can find a lot of people who will never spend a penny on a ticket, and who use their credit card points and miles. If you do not like the form of credit card debt that can never be considered to pay everything in full each time you receive the bill. You get to keep the miles or points and not carry a balance each month.

“Two points to port, aye,” Patrick replied as he hauled on the wheel. The sails snapped as a little of the wind spilled out of them. Sailors scrambled up and down the rigging, adjusting lines and sheets to compensate.

Speaking of children and their ability to quickly learn to control the craftit should be pointed out that the manufacturer’s recommended age for their product is 14 and over. No doubt, that statement was crafted by pricey attorneys who are paid to protect the company in such matters. However, with adult supervision, there is no reason that younger children should not be allowed to play with the helicopters. Our grandsons are 11 and 13 and the helicopters and neither one of them had the slightest problem operating their aircraft.

If you are planning to book a cheap flight ticket, then the internet is the best place to be. Booking a ticket with an airline directly will cost you more than booking through websites. Expedia, among others, is one of the leading online travel agents. Those companies make sure that their clients get the cheapest air tickets. Their websites provide you with an option to compare prices of different airlines and helps you to opt for one that meets all your requirements and comes under your budget. Booking through one of these websites helps you to avoid airline ticketing fees and thereby reduce the ticket price further. The ticketing fee is about fifteen to twenty dollars. The most important thing that has to be kept in mind is to take a printout of the ticket and the receipt before travelling.

Ways To Eliminate Stress And Make Travel A Breeze

Ways To Eliminate Stress And Make Travel A Breeze

If at all possible do not arrive to the East Las Vegas Motor Speedway via Las Vegas Boulevard for Aviation Nation. The advertised price may be high but you don’t have to always pay that much. Shanghai to Sapporo flight

I know, we all put on a brave face to the world to show that we have everything under control and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly, we want to exude confidence in our business dealings. But the reality of life is such that we do and will face difficult times. The question has to be how do we deal effectively with these difficult times and in particular feelings of fear and anxiety.

Delta Airlines, the largest airline in the world is offering $74 one way fares departing out of Milwaukee to Orlando, Florida. The flight is based on departing Tuesday Feb 2, 2010 and returning Tuesday Feb 9, 2010. Wow that is only $188.91 for a round trip ticket, which includes the taxes!

But let’s get back to the major point. That is the flight. The flight can be truly considered the trip holder. Without a good flight nothing is a pleasure. Online booking is not difficult at all. It can only take a few minutes before you are ready to back your bags.

At first few in the crowd perceived that anything was amiss. Then the headsman toppled backwards, the axe tumbling from his suddenly lifeless fingers. Then someone cried out that an arrow was in the headsman’s skull. A familiar voice shouted, “Erin go braugh!”, then came the thunder of hooves.

Where to Stay: Privately-owned accommodations are plentiful on Maui. There are several ways to locate cheap flight these the most popular being websites with vacation property listings. You’ll find the least expensive deals on sites that offer free vacation rental listings, since property owners don’t have to build the cost of ads into the rental, but larger “pay” sites also offer good variety.

A man in guard’s livery arrived in the presence chamber and looked around nervously. The Duke of Norfolk bowed again to the Queen, and stepped back to the rear of the chamber. The guard whispered to the Duke news that made him frown. Then the Duke dismissed the guard with some new instruction and approached the Presence once again.

It also goes into detail about exactly what you should and shouldn’t do for your 18th birthday, why you always need a plan B and even how to get into clubs for FREE!

Cyber Monday Travel Deals Not To Pass Up

Cyber Monday Travel Deals Not To Pass Up

Failing that, he would chase her as best he could if necessary all the way to Ireland. Many companies offer these tours from Las Vegas, Nevada. This is named for Bolden’s father who was the football coach there. Shanghai to Takamatsu flight

If you’re looking to get away for a bit, but don’t want to spend a bundle, you’ll want to learn about some good budget vacation destinations. The perfect budget vacation should allow you to be able to kick back and relax for a bit, but not cost you too much doing it. The following tips should help you accomplish this.

He went down to his cabin and unrolled a chart of the Southampton harbor and another of the Channel beyond on the table. They would sail at the evening tide and if the wind held would stand out into midchannel at night. Estimating what speed Gray Falcon would make should she decide to run up the Channel, Ramirez determined that they would meet sometime after sunrise. He didn’t like the idea of the sun being in his eyes, but it couldn’t be helped. It would be a small matter, at any rate, in an undertaking blessed by God and Emperor.

Fly from (NYC) airport at Newark round trip, Monday to Monday, to and stay at Lake Louise Inn for $900 per person, May 2 through May 9, (hotel and flight incld) according to Expedia. Take your light weight gear and sunglasses, the snow report is excellent and the weather is sunny.

One day a cheap flight man from the Assembly of God Church took me to lunch. He had an idea for a door to door prayer ministry he called “Operation Jesus.” I designed a logo for a T-shirt and, in the past two years, hundreds of participants have prayed for virtually every dwelling place in town. We’re about to start over and the numbers of participating churches is increasing every time we go out.

Many companies offer these tours from Las Vegas, Nevada. My recommendation is that you go with a reputable company operates its own fleet of sightseeing helicopters. Steer clear of kiosks on the Vegas Strip that advertise air tours. These are brokers and they are either selling last-minute cancellations or seats on choppers owned by fledgling companies.

Return Packages – Buying return flights are often cheaper than buying separate single fares. Some airlines will bump up the prices when selling single fares so save money by finding one that offers a good return deal.

However, you should always keep in mind that the price of a ticket to find a site today might change when you make a reservation again the next day. Each time it finds a good deal and you are comfortable with the speed, make a reservation on the same day. If the rate you get today is not too attract, it is prudent to wait a few days. That may arise or may back down. Find very cheap international flights is not always a guarantee, however, may be more tolerant to find a cheap flight to do more research.

Handled commercial Ethernet changes

Handled commercial Ethernet changes

A rest in telecommunications may lead to expensive downtimes in commercial systems. Higher program accessibility is consequently vital. Utilizing redundancy systems and substantial diagnostics choices,Network Management Software it is essential to effectively manage information visitors and also to sustain dependability.

In conformity with assorted IEEE specifications, our handled changes are perfect for the development of unnecessary system buildings. Using the present firmware extension, the automation practices PROFINET RT and EtherNet/Ip address can also be now backed up by all handled change versions. The gadgets can therefore easily be incorporated into the particular technology resources and parameterised and identified through the regular software program atmosphere. Additionally, the automation practices secure the prioritised transmitting of information, therefore allowing genuine-time interaction involving the system customers.

Extra features like loop safety, sophisticated VLAN performance (crossbreed VLAN) and SFP DDM transceiver prognosis assistance much more exact control and diagnosis of system visitors.Rapid diamond ring redundancy having a time to recover of under 20 ms for approximately 250 changes safeguards towards malfunction from the whole system in case of mistakes, therefore growing system accessibility.

Take advantage of immediate access to any or all standing details and functional features from the changes in your acquainted software program atmosphere. Incorporation in technology techniques like SIMATIC Stage RSLogix and 7 is simple significantly from the backed business practices PROFINET RT, EtherNet/Ip address and Modbus TCP.D-Hyperlink as well as the D-Hyperlink logo design are trademarks or authorized trademarks of D-Hyperlink Company or its subsidiaries. All the other 3rd-celebration represents pointed out herein might be trademarks of the particular proprietors. Copyright laws ? 2018. D-Hyperlink. All Legal rights Booked

New Hirschmann? White Paper on “Embedded Switches”

New Hirschmann? White Paper on “Embedded Switches”

In cars, televisions and smartphones and a host of other devices computer functionality is being integrated wherever we look. And the convergence of control and communication activities means that this trend also applies to industrial automation. As a manufacturer of automation components,Next-Generation Firewall we are faced with the challenge of integrating Ethernet know-how into our devices. Embedded Ethernet Switches give you the opportunity to hop on the Embedded bandwagon and enhance your products at the same time. The new White Paper from Hirschmann? explains how you can profit from Embedded Ethernet Switches.

Integrating Ethernet Switches into automation components from the ground up is by no means an easy task. Integrating Ethernet Boards, on the other hand, is relatively straightforward. They bridge the gap between standalone Ethernet Switches, which are easy to integrate, and Switching Chips, which require much more effort. Embedded Ethernet Switches provide what can be seen as “drop-in” Ethernet functionality. They enable you to significantly shorten the development time for an ultra-modern, Ethernet-based product. You don’t need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of switching technology or carry out lengthy software tests, but can concentrate on your own area of expertise.

But a faster market launch is not the only advantage. The integrated Ethernet Switches in your product are advantageous to your customers as well because such solutions require less space in production systems. Lower development risks and a higher customer appeal a powerful combination.If you want to learn more about Embedded Switches, please click the following link to our White Paper. This document discusses topics such as the convergence of control and communication technologies, the requirements on embedded solutions for industrial environments, and the required technical support.

D-Link is the global leader in connectivity for home, small business, mid- to large-sized enterprise environments, and service providers. An award-winningdesigner and developer, and manufacturer, D-Link implements and supports unified network solutions that integrate capabilities in broadband, cloud-based network management, IP Surveillance, switching and wireless. or connect with D-Link on LinkedIn, Spiceworks and the D-Link Blog.

More Greenery in Minhang This Year: New Construction of 150 Hectares of Greenbelts

More Greenery in Minhang This Year: New Construction of 150 Hectares of Greenbelts

Spring has come and the flowers are in bloom. This morning, Minhang District Government initiated a district-wide voluntary tree planting activity. Zhu Zhisong, Ni Yaoming, Pang Jun and Yu Yong as district officials dug a hole, carried items and filled earth together with more than 600 cadres and the masses. Within half an hour, 1,800 trees and shrubs were planted on the deserted and muddy land, such as zelkova schneideriana, celtis sinensis, liriodendron chinense, gingko, pond cypress, camphor tree, magnolia denudate, osmanthus fragrans, swampcypress and so on.To get more Minhang District news, you can visit shine news official website.
The district-wide tree planting activity was carried out in the plot of Jiefang Island Road of Suzhou Creek Ecological Corridor (Minhang Section). Suzhou Creek Ecological Corridor (Minhang Section) is in the length of 10.8 kilometers, and is constructed from July 2016 to 2020 in three stages. Currently, the first stage of construction is ongoing and expected to be completed in June. Now, let’s walk along Suzhou Creek Ecological Corridor (Minhang Section) to outlook the future vision of the birds, blooms, clear water and green world.
Suzhou Creek Ecological Corridor (Minhang Section) is designed in the principles of ecology first, local condition conformance , tree planting and sustainable development to create an overall space pattern of “one belt and three sections”, namely, a riverside purple dike and green road, and a natural recreational section, forest rest section and suburb recreation section. As for the green plants selected, Chinese ash, prunus lannesiana, metasequoia, michelia fuscata, goldenrain tree, camphor tree, magnolia liliiflora, swampcypress, soapberry and so on are planted along Suzhou Creek Ecological Corridor , forming a natural landscape enabling the public to admire the beauty of flowers and leaves respectively in the spring and autumn.
In addition, in order to make birds find a habitat beside Suzhou Creek, Minhang District Government will construct a 150 mu of bird habitat in the suburb conservation section, so that birds can live in a livable environment just like us. It is learned from the district greening and city appearance authority, as of the end of the last year, there were 7,656.77 hectares of greenbelt area in Minhang District, including 2,529.21 hectares of park greenbelt area, realizing the park greenbelt area per capita to be 9.95 square meters; and there were 7,126.43 hectares of forest area, including 700 hectares of public welfare forest area, realizing the forest coverage rate to be 16.72%. Also, it is going to newly construct 150 hectares of greenbelts and 2,000 mu of forests.
The Greenbelts in the Both Sides of Liuleitang are located within Xinzhuang Industry Park. The greenbelts are constructed along Liuleitang and start from Huaxi Road to Beisha Lane in the length of 660 meters. They are divided into the south and north parts. The south part is a greening construction in the width of 10 meters to 15 meters. The width of the north part is from 50 meters to 70 meters. The north part used to be an illegal construction area in Xinzhuang Industry Park. Upon demolition and greening recovery, the government makes it a recreational green space. On the greenbelts, most of plants are arbors with fir, weeping willow and water loving plants surrounding. A riverside footpath and square along the line are combined to form a well-bedded and well-proportioned landscape belt. The Greenbelts in the Both Sides of Liuleitang are expected to be completed in June this year. Upon completion, the white-collar workers working nearby and the public residing here will have a chance to walk, chat, rest and keep fit here during their spare time.

Chongming Island travel plan promises an eco-spot of distinction

Chongming Island travel plan promises an eco-spot of distinction

Chongming District announced its “Chongming Whole Horizon Travel Development Plan” today, which offers a blueprint for transforming the island into an eco-tourism spot of distinction by 2020.To get more Chongming District news, you can visit shine news official website.
The plan also highlights how to make the 10th China Flower Expo, a 100 day event, a great success in 2021.
Last year, about 5.7 million tourists were welcomed to the island, and tourism income reached 1.2 billion yuan (US$191 million.) That’s a year-on-year increase of 17.6 percent and 10.1 percent respectively.
“However, finding out how to develop the travel resources effectively and making efficient connections among scenic spots is our priority,” Yang Lihua, director of Chongming District Tourism Bureau said.
The plan focuses on the development of ecology and “green” resources, and further develops the strategies of “Travel Plus” and “Plus Travel.”
By 2020, about 5 percent of the local GDP will come from travel to the island, and the amount of beds available at high-end resorts and star-rated hotels will be enough to reach demand.
The plan shows the layout of “1+3+X,” a “whole horizon” blueprint for tourism spaces.
The “1” stands for the one ring which is the 240km scenic coast line. It covers the wetland area, industrial park, coastal leisure area and high-tech agriculture area.
The “3” describes the three key scenic travel spots, which are Dongtan (Chenjia Town), Dongping (Beihu area) and Xisha (Mingzhu Lake area).
Dongtan will feature Chenjia Town Park, a sports center and a Chinese sturgeons conservation Area. The 50-hectare park in Chengqiao Town will feature facilities for football, basketball and tennis, and a water-sports area will be designed for rowers, kayakers and dragon boat racing.
Dongping will feature the 10th China Flower Expo, which will be held at Dongping National Forest Park in 2021.
“X” means plenty of special traveling area like fishing spots on Changxing Island and Hengsha Island.
Scenic, peaceful environment
Meanwhile, the island offers a scenic, peaceful environment for jogging and cycling. Along the cycling and running routes, the environment changes in delightful ways in each small village.
In Xincun village, visitors will find the sweet scent of osmanthus, while Miaozhen Town features maple trees that turn a brilliant scarlet in the autumn. In spring, Zhongxing Town is awash with cherry blossoms, and the paths through Luhua Town follow the banks of a scenic lake and pass by tangerine orchards. Changxing Town features a four-season scenic area, complete with four cycling rental stations.
By 2020, there will be three tourism dispute trial courts to protect the rights of tourists and promote a welcoming environment. They will be located at Dongtan Wetland Park, Dongping National Forest Park and Xisha Mingzhu Lake scenic spot.
With the development of B&B guest houses, Chongming gives a twist to the traditional nongjiale (happy farmer’s life).
“Nowadays, people enjoy the farmer’s life by experiencing it, rather than just having a local meal or strolling down a path,” says Lai Yuejun, the owner of Happy Farm.
“What our farm-style guesthouse has, is more than a B&B and nongjiale. We deliver local culture, the experience of a farmer’s life, and we provide an awareness of the need to protect nature.”
At Happy Farm there are multi-functional agricultural areas like a fruit and vegetable picking place, a birds feeding zone and a farm experience area.
By 2020, the “Fun Chongming” app will feature scenic spots, AR experiences, and convenient payment.
This May, there will be two new travel bus lines to Xisha Mingzhu Lake scenic area, Sanmin Cultural Village, Dongping National Forest Park and Lavender and Egret Love Park.

Investment Opportunities in Ningbo

Investment Opportunities in Ningbo

Located midway along the coastal line of the Chinese mainland, Ningbo serves as the economic center for the southern Yangtze River Delta. The city covers a land area of 9.8 km2 with an urban resident population of 9.7 million. According to the 2013 Ranking of Urban Competitiveness in China by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Ningbo ranks among the top five most competitive cities in China.To get more Ningbo City news, you can visit shine news official website.

Given its geographic advantage, Ningbo is an important traffic hub and is now connected to adjacent regions with three major bridges. The city benefits from a multifaceted transportation system based on coordinated development of sea, land and air channels. Currently,Ningbo is constructing its own urban transit system, expected to cover the whole urban area.

Economic Overview

Ningbo has witnessed continuous and rapid economic development in the wake of Chinese economic reform and has been described by the UN as the most promising city in China.

In 2013, Ningbo’s GDP exceeded RMB 712.89 billion (US$115.12 billion) and grew at an annual rate of 9.26 percent—the city’s primary industry contributed RMB 276.4 billion and its secondary industry, RMB 374.17 billion (8.2 percent growth). The remaining RMB 311.08 million came from the service sector, which grew 8.8 percent annually.

The economy of Ningbo is built upon strong industrial foundations and a favorable investment environment, as well as an active private economy. In 2013, the city’s gross industrial output reached RMB 337.8 billion (8.4 percent growth). Major contributors include the city’s modern agriculture and advanced manufacturing industries; more recently, a modern service industry has also been established. Ningbo’s highly developed private economy creates about 80 percent of the city’s total GDP.

Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone
Approved by the government in 1984, the Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETD) is one of the largest and earliest national development zones in China. The NETD is located on the east coast of the city and covers an area of 614 km2. As an advanced manufacturing base, the NETD’s four pillar industries include petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, auto parts and new clean energy.
Ningbo Daxie Development Zone
Approved in 1993, the Ningbo Daxie Development Zone covers an area of 5.92 km2 and enjoys state-level preferential policies. Over more than ten years of development and construction, industrial and logistical foundations have been established in the zone for the transshipment of energy, liquid chemicals and containers.
Ningbo Free Trade Zone
The Ningbo Free Trade Zone (NFTZ)—comprised of the Ningbo Export Processing Zone and Ningbo Bonded Logistics Zone—is the only free trade zone in Zhejiang Province. Approved in 1992, the NFTZ covers an area of 2.3 km2. Major industries include international trade, advanced manufacturing and logistics. Since its foundation, the NFTZ has become an advanced production manufacturing base and the center of modern logistics in Zhejiang Province.
Zhenhai Economic Development Zone
Approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government in 1992, the Zhenhai Economic Development Zone consists of four industrial parks, namely, the Precision Machinery Industrial Park, High-Tech Industrial Park, Fine Chemicals Industrial Park and Storage & Logistics Park.
Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Approved in 1999, the Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone covers an area of 18.9 km2 and was upgraded to the national level in 2007. Based on its IT, green energy and lighting industries, the Hi-Tech Zone has attracted more than 70 enterprises with an annual turnover of over RMB 10 million.
Meishan Free Trade Port Zone
The Meishan Free Trade Port Zone, approved in 2008, was the fifth bonded port in China, with a planned area of 7.7 km2. Major industries include international trade, modern logistics and modern service. The Zone provides high-level preferential policies, including harbor entrance bonding for foreign goods and tax exemptions.
Investment Opportunities
With the unique policies and highly effective services provided by the provincial government, Ningbo is becoming more and more attractive to investors, both domestic and international. To date, over 60 domestic and foreign-invested banking and financial organizations have been established in Ningbo.Ningbo has formulated specific policies on key investment projects and offers differentiated policies on a case-by-case basis. Encouraged sectors include: