All the Incoming Foldable Phones of 2019

All the Incoming Foldable Phones of 2019

With Google betting on a foldable future for Android, it seems all phone manufacturers are getting these type of devices ready. Even Apple is reportedly looking into this form factor (though certainly not for 2019), which offers the convenience of extreme portability when folded and a larger screen whenever you need it.

With the Galaxy Fold finally ready to launch several months after its scheduled debut, it seems like foldable phones and the return of the slider phone will be the hottest trends for mobile devices this year. Here’s a look at the flexible phones that have been announced so far, and what we could eventually see. And for all the other non-foldable handsets we’re looking forward to this year, check out our list of our Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2019.

After years where it seemed like a Samsung foldable phone was on the verge of being launched, Samsung was about to launch one toward the end of April. And then screens started breaking. But Samsung says everything should be in order now, and it’s planning a September launch for thee Galaxy Fold, though only in select markets.

How’d we get to this point? The Galaxy Fold was to have launched on April 26, with a starting price of $1,980. But that launch was put on hold, after some review units released by the company exhibited problems with the screen. The Galaxy Fold has also seen its share of lackluster reviews. Samsung mobile boss DJ Koh has called the Fold launch “embarrassing,” and said in an interview that he pushed for the phone’s release “before it was ready.”

Two big problems popped with the Fold’s screen. Some reviewers removed a protective layer that needed to remain in place. In another case, some debris got between the Fold’s hinge and its display, rendering the screen inoperable.Samsung says it’s addressed those issues and is ready to relaunch the phone in September. The protective layer now extends past the bezel, which Samsung expects will prevent people from trying to remove it. Protective caps have been added to the hinge’s ends, and there’s less space between the hinge and the phone’s body in the revamped model.

The Fold uses the Infinity Flex display Samsung introduced last November. When unfolded, the display expands to 7.3 inches. Samsung’s App Continuity feature will let you resume using the app you had open on the folded-up 4.6-inch display in tablet mode. And multitasking supports lets you run three apps at once.

The batteries are split into two, one on each side, for a combined power pack of 4,380 mAh. The 7-nanometer processor powering the device is aided by 12GB of RAM. And the Galaxy Fold offers six cameras total — three on the back panel, two inside, and one up front.After the lengthy delay following the aborted April launch, both Best Buy and AT&T have seen their pre-orders get cancelled. We’re not sure when sales will resume or in what regions the Fold will ship, but Samsung says it will provide more details between now and September.