Li Ziqi makes grandmother a silk quilt and pajamas

Li Ziqi makes grandmother a silk quilt and pajamas

But it makes sense. This must be the predecessor to the unraveling method. The pajama filling is silk but is the woven cloth cotton or silk? Did she buy the finished woven cloth? To get more li ziqi, you can visit shine news official website.

The question is asked, in the usual method, how they find the end of the silk to unravel it?The pupae first use the strand to create a place in the twigs and begin spinning the web material from the outside to the inside.

So the end strand is discovered by pulling at the mess used to attach the cocoon to the twigs before the cocoon was spun.That’s my conclusion and I’m sticky wicket.

But these domesticated silkworm pupae and they got no twigs.One time I watched Milton Friedman’s Free To Choose t.v. show on PBS and he was explaining government support of textile industry in India vs Japan.

India supported home industry weaving to elevate private homes from poverty. The whole town would sign up for the plan. Every household had a simple wooden loom that allowed them to crank out colorful lightweight crude Madras cotton textiles. No. Wait. No, I don’t want one. They’re ugly. I just thought I wanted one. I don’t want no stupid rainbow shirt from India. I must have been high when I thought that.

I want a real shirt that’s not made in a hut with a dirt floor and cobras slithering around all over the place and monkeys running in and out through the windows and elephants sticking their trunks in and sucking up all the bathwater and pooping outside in the dirt street.

The cameras went outside and they walked down the dirt road through the town and all you heard was clickity clickity clickity clackity clickity clickity clickity, like insects, every house had someone working the miniature loom. Entire families worked together to keep the loom clicking twenty-four hours a day. No time off. Work work work forever.

Poverty was almost eliminated. Severe poverty was almost eliminated, now they were up to regular poverty.

Then Friedman compared that with Japan who had advanced to computerized systems. The loom fills an entire room. Very large spools of silk feed the loom. Every color of the rainbow, every rainbow in the universe, every shade of every color, every tone, every value of tone, every palette of color, pastels, saturated, faint, light, dark, thousands of very large bolts of silk filled the room feeding into the loom in the center.

A photograph is fed into the computer scanner, numbers are entered denoting the dimensions, thread count, thickness and such. Flick the switch and the loom flies into action spools begin spinning around the room as threads are pulled off of them. Most spools remain unmoving. Only the colors needed to reproduce the photograph, and in seconds the picture is reproduced in silk.