An Expat Talks about Living in Tianjin

It’s a relatively small English-speaking expat community. There are clubs to join, but to meet others all you have to do is go to The Broadway, a Western restaurant in town. Every expat in the city ends up there at some time or another. For lack of another, it is our community in tianjin

There’s not a whole lot of diversity among the English-speaking expat community. There are different religions and races, but little economic diversity. I think most people are fairly tolerant.

There aren’t many career opportunities here. Most expats are sent here by their companies for a year or two. Some people have begun their own businesses, and there are English teaching jobs. Visa issues make it a bit sticky to come here without a job in hand.

My impression is that for most people here, the priorities are work. People work long hours and there’s not much else to do unless you leave town.

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It can be a very easy life. If your company wanted to send you here for a while, it’s not a terrible place to live. But don’t come here unless you have a reason. Be prepared for heavy pollution, unpleasant weather, and little to do. Shopping is great and it’s close to Beijing.