Forex Market Saw the Lowest Volatility in 23 Years

Although major events in 2019 such as international trade tensions and Brexit have hit the global forex market, causing fluctuation in some currency pairs, the general volatility of G10 currencies year to date has been significantly lower than previous years. Unless December sees some serious“black swan events”, the forex market may experience its lowest volatility since 1996 in this year.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit WikiFX news official website.
Volatility of the forex market with a US$5.1 trillion daily turnover has been subdued, while multiple factors will make it difficult for the USD index to maintain its strong momentum in 2020. USDX will probably fluctuate between 95-98 throughout 2020, and will be more likely to weaken due to uncertainties in international trade outlook, global economic slowdown and remaining possibility of US Federal Reserve rate cut.