Where to buy Powerball tickets close to Utah in Idaho

Where to buy Powerball tickets close to Utah in Idaho
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“It’s crazy, crazy,” Ashly Edlesen, a cashier at Pilot Flying J in Evanston, Wyoming said in a phone interview Tuesday. “There’s a line, a two-hour wait. It gets worse in the evenings.”Edelsen, excitement in her voice, said the truck stop has been selling tens of thousands of Powerball tickets a day since the jackpot got huge.

“People buy anywhere from $10 to $700 in tickets,” she said. “Most of them are from Utah.”

With gambling illegal in Utah, people along the Wasatch Front with a hankering for the lottery must head out of state, usually to Evanston or to Franklin, Idaho, a few miles north of Logan over the Utah-Idaho line.

“We have a half-hour wait, we have five registers going and the parking lot is overflowing,” said K.C. Spackman, owner of La Tienda in Franklin.

Spackman didn’t sound especially excited or flustered by the surge in business, probably because he’s been cornering a big chunk of the pent-up Utah lottery demand for decades.

“I’ve been doing this for 22 years,” he said by phone Tuesday. “We kind of have fun with it.”

Spackman said he calls in family members to help staff the store during Powerball binges.

With the lottery drawing day nigh, he said, “Tomorrow is a national holiday. It’s lottery fever.”

The retailer said his store has been selling 100,000 lottery tickets a day and serves 300 to 400 people per hour.

Are most of the buyers from Utah? “Ninety-nine-point-nine percent,” he said.

According to Money Magazine, six states do not have lotteries: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah. So Utahns who go to Wendover, Nevada, to gamble, can’t get Powerball tickets there.